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Wellness Empowerment Deck!

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Having a mindful practice can have a powerful impact on your physical and mental wellness. The Wellness Empowerment Deck was created with Veterans who suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in mind.

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These cards use simple mindful practices to encourage veterans to embrace creativity, confidence, and self love through 5 dimensions of wellness.

Physical- Social- Emotional- Intellectual- Spiritual

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These cards are an outstanding resource to have while working with a therapist or as a standalone tool to use everyday. The Wellness Empowerment Deck supports positive self talk, creativity, healthy self expression and dialogue, coping mechanisms and more.

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The deck contains 52 wellness cards + 1 bonus card divided into 3 categories:

Empowerment Cards
Journal Prompts
Mindful Activities


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The Wellness Empowerment Deck for Veterans will be available for purchase November 11, 2020 just in time for Veterans Day!

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