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How Adding Roses to my Self-Care Routine Changed the Game!


During quarantine anxiety levels of the collective, including myself seems to be higher! Should the kids go back to school or not, will our votes count, will Walmart ever go back to 24 hours? That is why having a self-care routine is important for the times when we feel shitty and would really like to log out of the everyday drama that is Trumps America with Covid-19!

That was me in July, I felt depleted, anxious, and just down right over it! Then an unexpected gift came in the mail, a love package from Chill and Baked. I opened the package and it was filled with all types of body and yoni goodies. What caught my eyes was this rose petal bar soap, full disclosure I’m not a fan of bar soap, but the scent of what I can only describe as “self-love vibrations” in the form of soap made me try a thing!


The first day I used the soap I was expecting to feel that “bar soap wax feeling” afterwards, but still the scent had me and I wanted my body to smell like it. I was willing to risk it all…lol. Once I was finished with my shower, I smelled so divine, I did not even dry my skin off I just laid on my bed in bound angle pose and air dried. The soap made me realized that I needed more roses in my life, roses uplifts the spirit and shifts the mood, and that is when I came up with the brilliant idea to create a selfcare routine with the main ingredient being roses!



I am a former Esthetician or Skincare therapist, so giving my self weekly facials is a very important part of my selfcare regime, I took it a little further and added a Rose Quartz facial roller to the mix. Facial Rollers helps to push your skincare products into your skin, diminish the puffiness, and increase blood circulation for a brighter more refreshed look.



It was not until two more showers, that I noticed the lack of waxy feeling and the former Esthetician in me jumped for joy, not only was there no waxy feeling I was totally moisturized. The soap did not strip my natural oils from my body but added to it.



I experimented (heavy on the experimented) with lavender and roses for my Yoni steam. My intentions for the mixture was to have my vagina be a high vibrational sleep remedy. Seriously, vaginal steams, yoni steams, hip baths whatever term you use, has been around for years. According to Megan Sneed, MD, a board-certified urogynecologist and board-certified OB-GYN at Lee’s Summit Medical Center “There are records of this practice for hundreds of years in African, Mayan, Asian, and Native American culture. The intention of the process is to “cleanse and revitalize” the uterus and vagina.”


My self-care routine also includes my spiritual body, I made sure my stones that I used for my month of intentional self-care were stones that can help uplift my spirit as well. Like the Clear Quartz, it is known as the stone of power, and in July I felt powerless, I used this stone during my meditations to help call my power back to me! The second stone was of course Rose Quartz, the stone known as universal love, it helps to restore trust and harmony in relationships. I used this stone to rebuild that trust in my relationship with self and God, I was out of alignment and instead of beating myself up I chose to send unconditional love back to myself!

At the End of July moving into August I felt stronger mentally and emotionally, which prepared me for the energies of August. August started out tough for your girl but with a support system, my self care routine, and my relationship with God I can truly say I am blessed, abundant, smelling and feeling good!