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Mocha Yoga atl Veterans
The Founder Shannon began her yoga practice during her first deployment to Afghanistan, back in 2014, using it as a gentle way of adding physical training to her daily routine and to increase her flexibility, but quickly learned how impactful yoga was for her mental well-being. After returning home from her deployment she struggled chronic pain and stress, along with the many challenges that came with PTSD. She returned to her practice of mindfulness and would later create Mocha Yoga to educate and empower others with the same tools that helped her improve her mental health well being.
Shannon is a passionate and incredibly talented mindfulness teacher, who educates, empowers and elevate leaders and veterans using mindfulness practices to help manage stress. She is known for her adaptive yoga classes for beginners and ability to empower her students on and off the mat. Shannon is certified as a trauma informed resilience yoga teacher, a combat veteran and the creator of the Wellness Empowerment Deck, a compact and powerful mindfulness resource for veterans. She offers mindfulness-based stress reduction workshops, yoga classes and meditation sessions for leaders who are ready to take charge of their mental health and wellness!