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Mocha Yoga

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Mocha Yoga is a proud certified mindful resilience and veteran owned company!

 Our Mission

Mocha Yoga's mission is to educate and empower our clients on diverse mindfulness practices to promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

The Founder Shannon began her yoga practice during her first deployment to Afghanistan, back in 2014, using it as a gentle way of adding physical training to her daily routine and to increase her flexibility, but quickly learned how impactful yoga was for her mental well-being. After returning home from her deployment she struggled with mental health issues along with the many challenges that came with the feelings of isolation. She would later return back to her practice of mindfulness and the benefits that once helped her during her deployment, and would made it her work to educate and empower others with the same tools that helped her improve her mental health well being.

Shannon knows how effective mindfulness is for increasing healthy coping techniques for managing stress. She created the Wellness Empowerment Deck a compact and useful mindfulness resource that make mindfulness practices and wellness more accessible for corporate entities and Veterans, in an effort to increase healthy coping techniques for stress management. She is a certified Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher and combat Veteran, passionate about educating, empowering,and elevating you and your team.


Partnerships + Collaborations

Georgia State University  Georgia Institute of Technology
Veterans Yoga Project

Emory Brain Health Center

Global Impact Academy She Vets It
Cottages Bright Path Black Girls in Boardrooms
Veterans Molding Minds Blaze Sports of America
American Legion Post 92 Virgin Islands Fairburn GA Fire Department


 Shannon received her Yoga Teacher certification in 2019 from Pranic Soul Yoga School. She noticed the lack of wellness and mindfulness resources and spaces in her communities. In 2020 she continued her education with the Veterans Yoga Project to better understand the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and other trauma related disorders, so she could effectively teach wellness and mindful resilience skills, which studies have shown to be effective in recovery when it comes to individuals coping stress and trauma.




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