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Mocha Yoga

Shannon is the creator of the Wellness Empowerment Deck and founder of Mocha Yoga, teaching wellness and mindful resilience to underserved communities and Veterans. 


  Shannon is a certified Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher and combat veteran. She started her yoga practice during her first deployment to Afghanistan, back in 2014. Using it as a gentle way of adding physical training to her daily routine, she quickly learned how impactful yoga was for easing stress mentally. She is passionate about teaching yoga to Black women and Veterans as a tool for increasing mind/body connection and easing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, something she herself has combat. She currently teaches donation-based yoga classes on Sundays and a restorative yoga class on Fridays, to help regulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which supports rest, digestion, and energy conservation. Her partnerships include local collages and universities, Fire Departments, Farmers Markets and American Legion Posts in the Virgin Islands.  

   Shannon received her Yoga Teacher certification in 2019 from Pranic Soul Yoga School. She noticed the lack of wellness and mindfulness resources and spaces in her communities. In 2020 she continued her education with the Veterans Yoga Project to better understand the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and other trauma related disorders, so she could effectively teach individuals recovering from trauma, wellness and mindful resilience skills.

    Her mission with Mocha Yoga is to make yoga accessible for underserved communities and veterans everywhere.




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