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Transform your body and mind with Mind Over (Mat)ter. Our yoga classes blend physical strength with mental clarity, helping you achieve balance
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In partnership with BlazeSports America, this yoga flow is a heartfelt tribute to our veterans, aiming to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Through this practice, we seek to cultivate gratitude for their service, while offering a space for relaxation, healing, and empowerment!

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Classes are super user friendly. Shannon gives alternative poses which I usually use until I’m a pro at my poses! Love the reminders to breathe because I focus on poses and then breaths ..
I look forward to every class I’m able to attend!
5 stars. Highly recommend !!


Where do I start this class was so relaxing , motivating , heart pumping , invigorating all at the same time. I have learn so many techniques from controlling my breathing, to getting in tune with my body/muscles . Thanks so much to my instructor Shannon . Each class is so enjoyable!

Alexendria Mccullough

Mocha Yoga was such an awesome event Spotlight Programs Board did a few weeks ago virtually. Shannon was so great to work with and was very engaging. I could tell from the comments that students loved it!

Yabi D

Our students enjoyed their mocha yoga class. Shannon was an amazing instructor who provides a phenomenal yoga workshop during midterms for our students. Yoga in the library was a big hit and students are already requesting another session. Thank you for providing our students with a remarkable experience.