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You Are Still Worth It!

Welcome I invite you to take a second to imagine that you are going for a promotion, and you are feeling like you just climbed the top of Mt Everest, you know you are fully prepared and qualified for this promotion, only to hear that someone else got the promotion. What about this scenario, You finally met someone that you have an interest in, they seem to notice you, leading to a couple of dates only for them to stop reaching out. In those two scenarios I'm sure you were feeling good about yourself until the very moment you were not.

Now questions like "Was It me", "Did I do something wrong", "Maybe I did not even deserve this happiness" are flooding your mind. Let me tell you something...STOP!!!

What you do next is very important, you can internalize the fact that you did not get the promotion or that the person no longer found you attractive for whatever reason. Which will inevitably lead you to suffering and falling into a pit of negative self-talk and unworthiness, or you can see the situation for what it is and not attribute it to your self-worth. Release the energy of being less worthy because you did not get the promotion or was not picked by someone else.

We’ve all been there before, when something does not go the way, we thought, we as humans tend to internalize the negative results, blaming ourselves for the outcome, even if we did everything right!

Self-worth has nothing to do with how others view you and everything to do with how you view yourself. You can get passed up for a million promotions, but if to your core you believe you deserve better it is in your nature to be better, to get better whether that means leaving the company and taking your talents to South Beach or realizing that not getting the promotion or that second date leaves room for you to grow!

It can be hard to see your self-worth, especially if you are always looking for external validation of your worthiness. Think of it like this, I can tell you that you are the smartest person that I have ever met, but those are just words until you believe it yourself!

I invite you to take a few moments this week or month, to be still and gather your thoughts, tune in with what your body is telling your mind with these journal prompts. They are all about seeing how you value yourself and creating new stories around self-worth.

1. What are your strengths?
2. What do you want?
3. What do you need?
4. I feel good about myself when I...
5. My most common negative thought is...
6. I know this thought is a lie because...
7. 3 people I admire for their confidence are... and why?


As always go with joy, peace and ease!

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